Filmový festival 4 živly dvakrát v roku - v zimnej a letnej edícii!

09. 08. 2018
Kino Akademik

Nič nebude ako predtým

Nic jako dřív 

Klára Tasovská, Lukáš Kokeš, CZ, 2017, 92 min., OV

They’re all 19 years old, they go to the same school and they’re all in the same rut. Teo won’t accept responsibilities and is facing expulsion. Renata plays hooky and prefers working nights in a café to earn money for her divorced mother. Anicka and Nikola are making a real mess of things at Memphis Beach, the hotel in Greece where they're interning, and the unpleasant owner makes them mop the floors. All of them are growing up in the Czech border town of Varnsdorf, and there aren’t many opportunities to be had.

Film osobne uvedie režisérka Klára Tasovská.